I just saw an interesting post on LinkedIn. It asked, “Hospitality Suite Entertainment – Anyone have any unique ideas or experience anything that left a lasting impression?”

There were a ton of responses. Of course, magic was a strong contender, but there is a more important factor at play here – How do you get people to your hospitality event to begin with?

Hospitality suites must have a multi-pronged strategy.

The objectives for the hospitality suites I typically work are:

1) Draw people to the suite

2) Keep them there

3) Create an emotional and memorable brand experience that can be tied back to your product.

4) Use this opportunity to qualify and generate leads.

You can have the coolest suite on the planet, BUT, the bottom line is that you have to get them there to begin with.

The first question you must ask yourself is; What are my objectives? Are you just throwing a party? Of course not.

For example,

? Are your guests invited or is anyone welcome?

? Ideally, what sort of person do you want to attract to your suite?

? Are there a bunch of suites clamoring for attention?

? Are you using the suite to solidify relationships with existing customers or are you trying to attract new business?

I think you get the idea…

Once you nail down your objective, THEN you can plan an effective event. The secret is to create a comprehensive and cohesive plan that meets ALL of your objectives – not just some of them.

Great hospitality suites don’t happen by accident.

I love this sort of thing. If anyone would like to pick my brain, please feel free to reach out to me.