Trade Shows…

Yes, Magic Sells Beer – and Rick Gerber’s A-B Master Illusionist Program Can Make It Happen!

Rick Attracts A Trade Show Crowd

Rick Attracts Trade Show Crowds


This Program is in sync with A-B’s current trade show objectives:

Impact & Influence our Retailers
Emphasize A-B’s strength as Category Captain
Attract people to the booth
Communicate sales, marketing and product
Qualify leads
Create goodwill in a fun and memorable way


At trade shows you need to convey information quickly and memorably.  Especially if you’re presenting within a “Group Rotation” or “No-Serve” environment.  In these situations, Rick performs information-based magic shows repeatedly in the booth. You chose what information you want to communicate and Rick will make sure your message gets heard.
Retailers will be laughing and learning the whole way through!

“Not only is Rick’s magic a draw to our booth, but our customers learn about new products and support programs for their stores in a fun and memorable way.”

Bill Cambell
NRS – Sr. Key Account Mgr.

Rick’s fun presentations are designed to work easily within a standard 10 x 10 booth. Just furnish Rick with a performance platform and five points of information that you want conveyed. He’ll handle everything else – including a sound system if necessary.

Rick is also available to assist “beyond” the trade show floor at no additional cost  – such as for retailer hospitality, banquets, beertails or for retailer entertainment.

Learn why people say, “Rick Gerber is more than a magician; he’s a salesman with something up his sleeve!”

Contact Rick today and allow him to put together a trade show package that meets your specific goals, objectives and budget.

To see ALL the different ways Rick can help you sell more beer, check out the “Services” and “Magic Sells Beer” links at the top of this page.