I have loved performing magic my entire life. From being the youngest performer at the world-famous Magic Castle at ten-years old to becoming the youngest headline performer aboard Princess Cruises at the age of eighteen.

My career expanded into corporate magic as I traveled the world representing major corporations (most notably, Budweiser) as a Tradeshow Magician or at sales meetings, banquets and high-profile events.

Aside from being a Corporate Entertainer and Tradeshow Magician, one of my greatest thrills is to perform magic for private social events and fundraisers.

Every person I perform for gives me an opportunity to add some amazement and wonder into their life. I welcome every opportunity that allows me to do what I love and to share my passion for magic.

I have learned from my world travels that magic has no barriers. I never tire seeing peoples faces light-up as they watch me perform something impossible, fantastical, sensational, OMG!