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Stagecoach Country Music Fest

Follow Rick Gerber around the Bud Light Tent at the Stagecoach Country Music Fest. as he adds his special brand of BL magic & fun to the party mix.

TX Roadhouse Conference

Follow Rick Gerber around the four-day TX Roadhouse Managing Partners Conference as he adds plenty of Bud & Bud Light magic and fun at pool parties, beach parties, block parties, late-night parties and cocktail parties. Once again, Anheuser-Busch is the hit of everything party!

Georgia Tour 2014

Enjoy this short recap video of my Magical Bud Light five-city tour of Georgia. A-B is the only corporation in the world that has its own magician. Separate yourself from the competition by leveraging this impactful program to create value, sales and build strong brand relationships with retailers and consumers. My sincere thanks to the [...]

Rick’s Banquet Show

The perfect entertainment for your lunch or dinner banquets.  This 45 minute show combines fun & magic - along with incorporating your message or product right into the show!

POOF! Trade Show Magic

A Corporate Magician is actually part magician, part salesman and part goodwill ambassador. With this said, there is a HUGE difference between a "professional magician" and a "Corporate Magician". In a nutshell, a Corporate Magician knows how to sell.

Key Game

This Key Game is designed to attract crowds, drive sales, qualify leads and educate trade show attendees about your specific product or message. Designed to be fun, engaging and entertaining, this 7 to 10 minute game can be incorporated into any size booth and can be repeated once per hour.

Thinking INSIDE The Box

For over thirty-years we’ve been hearing the same old cliché, “Think outside the box”. I say, "Think INSIDE the box." Boxes should be essential to expanding your creativity, not something to break out of. Thinking INSIDE the box is actually critical for gaining personal and creative growth and should never be taken for granted. The secret is to have an infinite number of boxes. (read more...)

This Is Way Cool…

Axe Commercial From France - Watch it twice. Do you see them?

Effective Hospitality Suites

I just saw an interesting post on LinkedIn. It asked, “Hospitality Suite Entertainment – Anyone have any unique ideas or experience anything that left a lasting impression?” There were a ton of responses. Of course, magic was a strong contender, but there is a more important factor at play here – How do you get people to your hospitality event to begin with? […]

Optical Illusion

This is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. It won't work very well on a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android), so you'll need to look at this on your computer monitor.. You also have to get out of your seat and walk away to get the full effect. People may wonder [...]