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Better Than The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Many years ago it became apparent to me that magic is arguably the most powerful visual medium in the world. People always remember what they see, especially when it’s highly captivating and unusual.  So what’s this got to do with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – keep reading… As a corporate magician, my job is to harness this powerful force of magic and use it to create emotional links between a customer and a product, or to communicate information in a memorable way.  Magic allows me to do that.  People always remember what they see far longer than what they hear. An example of the power of magic is a trade show I recently did in San Antonio, TX.  Working with Anheuser-Busch’s retail account person, we developed a targeted selling message.  I then created a presentation using magic to visually illustrate this message. […]

Bud Light Hotel – 24/7 Party

Gerber Brings His Magic To The Bud Light Hotel Hotel Guests Were Amazed All Week South Beach, FL […]

Stripes Trade Show Is A HUGE Success

Stripes Management Is Totally Wowed A-B Gets a Major Win with “Best Of Show” San Antonio, TX . […]

Trade Shows – Magic Sells Beer

Trade Shows… Yes, Magic Sells Beer – and Rick Gerber’s A-B Master Illusionist Program Can Make It Happen! Rick Attracts Trade Show Crowds   This Program is in sync with A-B’s current trade show objectives: • Impact & Influence our Retailers • Emphasize A-B’s strength as Category Captain • Attract people to the booth • Communicate sales, marketing and product ….information • Qualify leads • Create goodwill in a fun and memorable way . […]

Ft. Bliss – AAFES Class Six Grand Opening

Bud Light Magic Is A Strategic Hit Class Six Grand Opening Turns Magical El Paso, TX […]

Ft. Hood Community Strong Event

Budweiser Magic Reaches Thousands Of Healing Soldiers Ft. Hood Community Strong Event Killeen, TX […]

Management Meeting Becomes Magical

KAM Leverages A-B Master Illusionist To Help Solidify Thorntons Relationship Louisville, KY […]

Maximizing A Market Visit

Magic Creates Market Impact Standard Sales of Colorado Is A New Fan Of The A-B Master Illusionist Program […]

Football Tailgating Ohio State University Style

Tailgate Tested Tailgate Approved Bud Light Magician Levitates Tailgating to New Heights Columbus, OH […]

Check out this crazy magic trick!

The foundation of magic is based upon the way our mind perceives the information it takes in through our senses.  To create magic, magicians manipulate the audience’s perception process.  There are no rules or guidelines on how we achieve this.  Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean – it really toys with your mind… […]