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Card Counting – Blackjack

Friends are always asking me about card counting. This video link is a really good basic explanation. Hustling at Blackjack

Jumbled Brain

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Rick’s Magic – Rockin’ The Club Scene In China

Who knew so many people in China love to party? The club scene there is full of crazy energy and Budweiser is the 'King of Beers'! The promotion we planned took table-hopping magic to a whole new level. Check out the video for yourself...

My Life’s A Blur…

30,000 appearances around the world - my life's a blur!   If I've ever blown your mind or we had a good laugh, tell me about it here!  Help me out of my fog...

Social Magic – Learn Fun Tricks & Puzzles

Soon there will be a new section on this site. I’m calling it…are you ready? Drum roll please…Social Magic. Rather creative, don’t you think?  Some of my magic buddies and I are going to teach you fun, easy, to learn magic tricks and puzzles to use as a social icebreaker to meet new friends.  If you’re in the service industry they can help you increase tips. If you’re in sales, they can help create customer relationships. […]

Magic Sells Beer – Fairs & Festivals

Part 12 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Creating a Conducive Selling Environment

Part 11 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Sporting Events

Part 10 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Trade Shows

Part 9 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Retailer Management Functions

Part 8 of a Continuing Series… […]