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Magic Sells Beer – Retailer Golf Tournaments

Part 7 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Retailer Relationship Building

Part 6 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Creating an Emotional Connection with the Brand

Part 5 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Is The A-B Master Illusionist a Sales or Marketing Function?

Poof! It’s BOTH! Part 4 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Working Smarter Saves You Money

Part 3 of a Continuing Series… […]

Magic Sells Beer – Try It, You’ll Come Back For More

Part 2 of a Continuing Series… […]

Welcome To My Magic Carpet Ride…

It seems technology has finally caught up with my life!  I’ve been traveling the world performing magic, seen and done so many things, met so many amazing people, made great friends…and because of my fast-paced life it has been almost impossible to keep in touch with anyone!  E-mails, letters, post cards – so old school – been there, tried that. […]

Why Magic Sells

I’ve specialized in creating magic promotions for over thirty years.  Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest marketing and sales minds in the world. They have helped me shape my own personal guidelines for creating successful sales promotions. Through this blog I plan to share my knowledge so others can learn how to maximize the effectiveness of magic as a sales/marketing tool. […]

Bud Light Party Cruise

Magic Goes Full Steam Ahead Deck Parties, Bud Light Bingo, Bar Magic & More Port Paradise […]


Beyond The Magic Master Of Ceremonies Keeps VIP Party Jumping […]